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Pet marketing experts helping and

Trone is a respected pet marketing agency that combines instinct with decades of industry insight to help pet care products and services improve the lives of pets. We understand the pet parent, retailer and veterinary audiences. And we love using our knowledge for the good of pets.

Pet Industry Marketing Experience

Keeping pets happy and healthy takes all kinds.

When it comes to pets, we’re all in. We gather insights and inspire action for products and services from cat litter to canine cancer treatments.

  • Treats
  • Food
  • Pet Supplies
  • Flea & Tick
  • Pet
  • Prescription

Pet Marketing Services

Make brand experiences more motivating

With so many places for pet parents and veterinarians to shop and learn, making a real impact is tricky. Our pet care marketing team helps brands be engaging and memorable—in-store, in-clinic and online.

Give your brand an edge

  • Pet Parent Journey Mapping
  • Pet Care Brand Storytelling
  • Audience Profiling for Media Targeting and Retargeting
  • Retail and Ecommerce Packaging
  • Strategies for Balancing Veterinarian and Direct-to-Consumer Efforts

Stand out online

  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce Store Web Development
  • Online Retailer Management (Chewy, Amazon, etc.)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Full-Service Pet Care Marketing Agency

We can help you compete in the pet industry

Need a new website? A revitalized brand presence? A complete marketing strategy? We combine our knowledge of the category with current data to help pet brands stand out and build loyal relationships.

Pet Care Marketing 

Connect with your audience

The pet marketing industry is crowded, with new entrants constantly shouting claims and looking for their own share. Trone is a full-service advertising agency offering marketing services for consumer pet product and animal health brands. Whether your pet care product is sold in the veterinary clinic or delivered to the pet parent’s doorstep, we can help you create positive brand experiences.

A case study

Branding pet supplements for the US

Trone helped German pet specialist company, Gimborn, appeal to the American pet parent through branding: naming, packaging, messaging and a website. 

Ecommerce Marketing
for Pet Products 

Increase web store visitors

Globally, the pet care market has grown to about $261 billion in 2022, up from $245 billion in 2021. As online pet product sales continue to rise, effective, efficient marketing is critical to drive traffic to your web store. Trone can create a marketing strategy, develop a compelling brand story, run paid advertisements (PPC) to reach more qualified leads, and use digital marketing to drive ecommerce sales.

Looking to stand out in the pet category?

Trone’s Nicole Donoghue talks to Petfood Industry about brand differentiation.

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Pet Food Marketing Strategy

Understand pet parent purchase behaviors

In the pet nutrition industry, understanding your audience is key. What do they look for in pet food, treats and supplements? How willing are they to try new options? Where do they like to shop? If you’re launching a new dog or cat food or rebranding an existing product, we can help you identify drivers for your target pet parents and create a strategy to develop brand loyalty and sales.

4 mins

Segmenting Pet Food Shoppers: Reaching Pet Parents Through Their Nutrition-Based Habits and Attitudes

Many pet parents have a new outlook and focus on their pets’ wellbeing and nutrition coming out of the global pandemic. Pet parents spending more time working from home saw the impact pets have on their own happiness during difficult times. For others, pricing and availability challenges with their typical pet food and treats made exploration of new brands a necessity.

Post-Pandemic Pet Parents

Listen to the podcast from Petfood Industry as brand experience strategist at Trone, Hunter Ellis, answers the question, “How has the pandemic of the last few years shifted pet parents’ buying habits?”

2 mins

Reinventing Pet Food and Treat Packaging for Today’s Pet Owners

Pet owners are holding pet food and treat manufacturers to a higher standard these days when it comes to their pets’ food packaging. 

Pet Brand Website Design 

Optimize your website
for engagement

Your website is the core online presentation of your brand. It should represent who you are, clearly show what you offer, be easy to navigate and perform flawlessly across browsers and devices. Trone can design and develop your website to encourage visitors to not just view but interact, convert and come back again and again.

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