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A North Carolina & company

About Trone

Trone was founded more than 40 years ago in High Point, North Carolina as an advertising agency serving clients locally and across the nation. We’ve evolved with the industry, expanding our marketing expertise with innovative digital talent. Still, we remain constant as an insight-driven agency that bases recommendations on a strong strategic foundation.

Our Passion

Creating experiences worthy of reexperiencing

We’re passionate about motivating repeat engagement for brands. We balance the best in branding, marketing and digital platforms and technology to make people want to connect with a brand again and again. 

Company Values

What we expect of ourselves

There are five core values that drive who we are, how we think and how we behave as an agency. Our core values include:

  • Purposeful intention
  • Accountability
  • Balance
  • Collaboration
  • Inquisitive determination

A Full-Service Marketing Agency

Expertise from brand development to web development

Our Team

Senior specialists from
North Carolina and beyond

We are a collection of local and remote employees who have been purposefully selected for subject matter expertise. Many of our team members are senior level talent with experience in a variety of industries, including a specialty in petcare. 

Doug Barton


Doug has experienced both the client and agency sides, giving him the ability to relate to just about anyone. During the course of his 30+ years, Doug has helped many leading companies develop winning marketing strategies. His expertise spans multiple categories, including hospitality, telecom, CPG, financial services, insurance, textile and apparel, turf and ornamental, and retail. A passion for pet and animal health marketing has led him to work with many of the top companies in the industry.

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Rick Morgan


Rick finds himself energized by discipline. Organized and structured, he is the model of prudence amidst the chaos of brand building.

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Nicole Donoghue

SVP, Account Management & Media Strategy

A Tronie with 20+ years of advertising experience, Nicole is our lead senior client contact. She ensures that all project objectives are met by balancing budgets, keeping timelines, upholding strategies, managing expectations and delivering media, creative and strategic products to our clients. Nicole leads our pet care team, has managed many state client accounts and has extensive experience with regional and local clients.

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Robin Yontz

Brand Steward/SVP, Creative Director

It takes a hybrid kind of person to create and nurture brand stories in a digital environment. Hybrid is one of Robin’s favorite words. She says it’s the best of what you’ve learned integrated with a new way of expressing it in a digital world. Robin works with creatives, brand planners and UX specialists to make sure the brand voice is never lost. Sometimes, there’s an entire site to tell the brand story, other times there’s a tiny mobile ad or an Instagram post. Either way, you want her to vigilantly watch over your language palette, your tonality and even weigh in on the images that represent your brand.

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Matthew Sherman

VP, Digital Operations

Matt has nearly 20 years of experience in website strategy, development, design and marketing. Starting his career in New York City, he has worked across many verticals, including pet care, publishing, retail, automotive services, life sciences and government. He has worked on websites for business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients, including many higher education institutions.

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