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Robin Yontz

Executive Creative Director

It takes a hybrid kind of person to create and nurture brand stories in a digital environment. Hybrid is one of Robin’s favorite words. She says it’s the best of what you’ve learned integrated with a new way of expressing it in a digital world. Robin works with creatives, brand planners and UX specialists to make sure the brand voice is never lost. Sometimes, there’s an entire site to tell the brand story, other times there’s a tiny mobile ad or an Instagram post. Either way, you want her to vigilantly watch over your language palette, your tonality and even weigh in on the images that represent your brand.

During her 30+ years in the advertising and marketing industry, Robin has worked with a variety of pet care brands, state and city accounts and national B2C and B2B clients. She believes tending brands requires more attention and care than ever before, knowing one disgruntled tweet can disparage years of careful branding.