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Meet the who us

Doug Barton


Doug has experienced both client and agency sides, giving him the ability to relate to just about anyone. During the course of his 30-year career, Doug has helped many leading companies develop winning marketing strategies. His expertise spans multiple categories, including home products, financial services, apparel, soft drinks, travel and leisure, hospitality, medical, technology and telecommunications.

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Rick Morgan


Rick finds himself energized by discipline. Organized and structured, he is the model of prudence amidst the chaos of brand building.

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Nicole Donoghue

SVP, Account Management & Media

Nicole possesses a focused dedication to which many aspire but few achieve. As both the strategic and tactical leader for most government and retail clients, Nicole guides everything on the account.

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Robin Yontz

SVP, Creative Director

It takes a hybrid kind of person to create and nurture brand stories in a digital environment. Hybrid is one of Robin’s favorite words. She says it’s the best of what you’ve learned integrated with a new way of expressing it in a digital world.

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Matthew Sherman

VP of Digital Technology and Operations

Matt comes to Trone with 18 years of experience in website strategy, development, design and marketing. Starting his career in New York City, he has worked across many verticals, including publishing, retail, automotive, services, pet, life sciences and government on both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients.

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