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Shoppers Searchers Fans Shouters

Navigating the (r)e-journey

Gone are the days of linear customer journeys. Trone maps the audience’s journey as they move from searchers and shoppers to fans of brands. We find natural intersections for the initial brand interaction and then optimize to encourage reengagements.

Grow searches, sales and advocates

If your answer to any of these questions is no, maybe it’s time you let us help shape your customer experience more effectively.

Competitive Analysis

Do you know how your audience views your brand vs your competition? 

UX Audit

Have you made it easy to repurchase your product or service?

Brand Continuity

Is your brand portrayed consistently online and offline?

Content Audit

Do you have content to keep shoppers and shouters engaged?

SEO Evaluation

Are your customers finding you organically?

Media Recos

Are you where your audience can find you?

Digital Analytics

Do you measure, review and optimize based on site, search and sales analytics?

Platform Evaluation

Is your site scalable, secure and seamlessly integrated with backend systems?