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A new name for a
much-used service 

In fall of 2019, Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro and Hospice and Palliative Care of Alamance-Caswell merged to become a newly named organization, AuthoraCare Collective. AuthoraCare is a nonprofit organization offering services in palliative care, hospice and grief counseling.

Once we developed the new site,, our job was to increase the awareness of the new name, AuthoraCare Collective, with the relevant audiences in the greater Greensboro/Burlington area. We worked to support the strategic growth in these service markets with digital marketing. The goal of the campaign was to leverage the newly developed website as a resource to connect all audiences with the services they needed such as hospice and palliative care, counseling and ongoing education. With marketing driving to the site, the visitor actions varied to include information gathering, contact us forms, office calls and event interest.


brand awareness

Informing the community

One never knows when they might need one of the many AuthoraCare services, so it was important to inform all our audiences in the area. Our goal was coverage without unnecessary spill over into non-service area markets. Quantified data from Simmons and Scarborough research provided local insights for media consumption and lifestyle behaviors. For the appropriate media mix, we evaluated Google Analytics, key competitor research, keywords and a variety of local information.



The mix makes it work

For awareness, three platforms helped to maximize reach with both audio and visual messaging. High frequency television and Pandora schedules were staggered for continuous campaign coverage while the Facebook video campaign ran continuously to support efforts at a lower frequency. Local network television was recommended to efficiently cover the largest portion of the service area audience. News sponsorships were negotiated as added value to increase brand recognition. Complementing with Pandora allowed for specific geo-targeting by county. Facebook video leveraged existing video assets to further target our audience.

Campaigns were optimized for CTR to increase site engagement and consideration of services. Facebook News Feed, Google and Bing search retargeting further assisted in consideration efforts.



Helping people find the services they seek

We continue to increase the connection between AuthoraCare and the audience actively seeking hospice and palliative services. Overall website traffic was almost 30% higher in 2021 than in 2020. This was primarily driven by paid media campaigns, generating more than half a million website sessions and representing more than half of all website visits. This influx of website traffic has led to an 80% increase in on-site and ad-based conversions, including a 150% increase in contact form submissions and 34% increase in donation inquiries.

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